The Project

The project which is co-financed by the European Commission (Lingua D/2) is carried out by 14 European institutions in total (schools, universities and enterprises). Its aim is to develop teaching and learning material for collaborative open distance learning on the Web in three languages: English, French and Spanish.

Each language is grouped around a certain metaphor:

Each site provides the users with the following information:

  • Coherent interactive didactical units which provide different activities : An interface will exploit the possibilities of multimedia and will give access to different levels and activities, all grouped around specific topics in the frame of a metapher. There will be different levels for the language learners.
  • "Events": certain activities, changing and taking place within certain periods of time. These events have the character of a contest. There is a jury who selects the best production and prizes the best contributions. This encourages the communication and the collaborative work between the different European participants, the different levels of learners, but also teachers.
  • A centre of resources for language teachers and learners: with pedagogical material giving information about the WEB and the didactics of language teaching with the means of the WEB, especially guidelines for the above mentioned units. This materiel proposes a didactic reflection , which allows teachers to inform themselves and to learn something out of it.

The project addresses itself on the one hand side to adult learners and to adults of different levels. The online activities want to familiarise the learner with ICT. On the other hand side the products which are put online allow the language teachers to work with ICT and to use the resources which are allowed by the WEB.

  This project has been carried out with the support of the European Community in the framework of the SOCRATES programme. The content of this project does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Community, nor does it involve any responsability of the European Community.  
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