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Fill in each blank with the appropriate verb tense or form of the verb in brackets. Click on the "C" button to check your answer. If it is right stars will appear around the word, otherwise incorrect letters will be blanked out.


A theme park (to be) a place with rides and entertainment designed around an idea or topic.
A theme park (to be) always (to change) every year with the additions of new rides, and the destruction of older rides. You (can) (to have) more than one theme park in one location, just like Los Angeles, which (to have) both Disneyland and Univesal Studio. Central Florida (to cluster) over 55 theme parks and fun parks.
With different kinds of theme parks, visitors (to stay) longer and (to think) it (to be) more value for money as more choices (to be) available in just one place.
Theme parks (to boost) tourism. In fact, visitors (to stay) longer in a place if (there to be)
a theme park nearby.