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Type the letter of the phrase on the right that matches the one on the left. Click the "correction" button to see if they are all right (incorrect answers will be cleared).


1. rollercoaster a. a small electrically powered car with rubber bumpers all round, driven in an enclosure at a funfair with the aim of bumping or avoiding other such cars.
2. merr'y-go-round b. a boat-race in which the boats start at fixed intervals, and seek to bump, not to pass the boat in front.
3. rapids c. a complex network of paths or passages with looking-glasses along the way
4. tunnel d. a revolving ring of wooden horses for riding at a funfair
5. swimming-pool e. a passage cut underground
6. bumping race f. a type of switchback railway along which people ride in open cars at great speed
7. swingboat g. a very swift-flowing part of a river with steep descent and often broken water
8. dodgem h. a fairground ride consisting of a giant revolving vertical wheel with passenger cars suspended on its outer edge.
9. Ferris wheel i. an artificial pool for swimming in.
10. mirror maze j. a boat-shaped swinging carriage for fairs