This part of the Forest is strange and mysterious. When the ThemePark was being designed, the local villagers said, that the bayou should not be touched. It is believed, that this part of the forest is cursed, by Brunhilde, the wicked witch, who has lived there for hundreds of years. However, the ThemePark does use Brunhilde as a tourist guide every now and then. She has made a brochure about her part of the Forest below, so you know what to expect.



Find the highlighted words in the Word Bank.

There are a number of curious trees in different parts of the forest area of the Theme Park. Some of the trees are very old oak trees and if it were possible, I am sure they could tell many different kinds of stories.

But the oak trees are in the nice part of the forest, where laughing children play and families eat their picnic lunch, but I come from the darkest area of the forest.

The area where sunlight never comes and where toads

and frogs live happily among my pet bats
and crocodiles.

Come and visit me in my humble home in the bayou,

if you dare!




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