The Secret of the Green Man


Click on the answer you think is correct in the questions below.























1 - What is in the middle of the tree outside of Brunhilde´s house?
the figure of a horse
the figure of a woman
the figure of a man's face
3 - What is the name of the face in the tree?
The Green Man
The Red Man
The Blue Man
2 - What is coming out of his mouth?
his tongue
4 - How long has Brunhilde lived in the forest?
thousands of years
hundreds of years
years and years
5 - What does she do to small children?
She turns them into newts.
She turns them into bats.
She turns them into toads.
6 - What did Brunhilde want to do with the Green Man?
She wanted to eat him.
She wanted to marry him.
She wanted to turn him into a toad.

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