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There is a tree outside of Brunhilde´s house. It is not just an ordinary tree. If you look at it very closely, you will see that in the middle of it, there is the figure of a man's face carved into it. The man's face is framed in leaves and there are leaves coming out of his mouth. He is called the Green Man.

Brunhilde has lived in the Forest hundreds of years before there ever was a theme park. Some say that she hunts in the forest at night and takes small children, turning them into toads, that she feeds to the Green Man carved out of the tree. Legend has it, that the man in the tree comes alive when the moon is full and that he can destroy Brunhilde, if she has no toads to feed him.

But some people think, that the Green Man is really a famous person, who wandered into this part of the forest hundreds of years ago. Brunhilde, who is quite ugly, wanted him for a husband, but he refused, so she turned him into a tree, and he is now there for all eternity for her to keep.

Researchers in the themepark believe, that the Green Man is really the protector of the Forest and that Brunhilde has frozen him into the tree, so that she one day can take over the Forest and the themepark.


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