Reading Exercise

Who killed the Green Man?

The Green Man or Robin Hood had many enemies. Sometimes his enemies caught him, but never for long. He would always be freed by his men or other people who liked him.

But some say, that Robin died at last from the wicked Prioress of Kirklees. He had fallen ill or was wounded and because she was a great healer, Robin was taken to her. However, instead of healing him, she let him bleed to death. Some say she did it, because her lover, Sir Roger of Doncaster asked her to do it and some say she did it, because she did not like Robin stealing from the rich.

Robin died slowly from loss of blood. Robin knew he was dying, so he asked his close friend Little John to help him fire one last arrow before he died. It is said, that this is where Robin is buried. His grave is on the private lands of the Kirklees.

Whatever happened to him, he will always be a legend.


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