Fill in each blank and click on the "c" button to check your answer. If it is right stars will appear around the word, otherwise incorrect letters will be blanked out.

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The Queen and King offered (a, some) meat.
The host gave (an, some) excellent wine to his guests.
The Princess bought (some, two) new clothes for the ball.
I need (some, a) good luck to finish the investigation.
The musician played (a, some) music at the party.
The hunters killed (some, a) reindeer during the hunt.
The tumblers gave (an, some) entertainment at the party.
The princess spilt (a, some) glass of wine.
During the play they heard (some, a) strong laugh in the audience.
I thought there was someone in the castle because there was (some, a) light on inside.
There is (some, a ) doctor in the group.
My son won (a, some) money in a contest.
Peter bought (a, some) new suitcase for his trip.
We will buy (an, some) bread for breakfast.
The teacher gave us (some, a) tips for the exam.
Our students did (a, an) interesting experiment.
The children, who were in the circus left (an, some) rubbish.
We went to buy (some, a) furniture for our new house.


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