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The castle is situated in a country, whose Prince is the heir to the throne of the United Kingdom. 

Do you know which country we are talking about?


Which is the highest mountain in Britain?  


Can you find the name of the king who had this castle constructed between 1283 and 1289?  


Who wrote “Alice in Wonderland”? One of the chapters of the novel is set near our castle.  


What’s the name of the British King who set up the Church of England?
He was married to Catherine of Aragon and fell in love with Ann Boleyn, he wanted to abandon his wife and marry Ann; but in those days that was not allowed, due to that, he caused the break of Britain with the Catholic Church.


The "Vegaway Estuary" is next to the castle. Do you know what an estuary is?  

The wide part of a river near where it joins the sea  


Which of these towns is the capital of the country where the castle is located?  


In which town is the stone statue of a rabbit checking its watch from  Alice in Wonderland?


  • Llandudno is the resort where the real Alice in Wonderland (Alice Liddell) spent her childhood Summers, and in the Alice in Wonderland Centre, you can venture down the rabbit hole and re-live her adventures.;; 


In which town is located one of London’s airports? 


Who was the main Prime Minister of Great Britain during 2nd World War?,


Do you remember the name of the British Admiral who led the British troops in the battle of Trafalgar (fought west of Cape Trafalgar, Spain, between Cádiz and the Strait of Gibraltar?


Lady Godiva asked her citizens not to watch her while she was riding but who was the only man that disobeyed her?  


What’s the name of the city where Lady Godiva rode naked? She was married to Leofric, Earl of Mercia and she implored her husband to lower the heavy taxes in the town. The condition he imposed on her was to ride naked through the market place of the city.


From the battlements of the castle you can see the sea in the distance. How is that sea called?  


Which is the oldest building in London? 


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