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  • Most nouns have distinctive SINGULAR and PLURAL forms. The plural of regular nouns is formed by adding -s to the singular:  




one girl two girls
the tree the trees
a photo some photos

But some nouns form the irregular plurals  in a different way, those are irregular nouns:

man men
woman women
child children
person people
foot feet
tooth teeth
sheep sheep
mouse mice
fish fish

Some nouns form the irregular plurals by adding  -es

bus buses
kiss kisses
wish wishes
watch watches
match matches
box boxes
potato potatoes
tomato tomatoes

Some others form the irregular plurals  adding -ies

family families
city cities
country countries

Another group changes -f/fe into -ves

leaf leaves
loaf loaves
wife wives
knife knives
shelf shelves


  • The distinction between singular and plural is known as NUMBER CONTRAST
  • Sometimes we use a plural noun for one thing that has two parts. For instance:

         scissors, glasses, jeans, trousers, shorts, pants (two parts), so they take a plural verb:

          My glasses  are very old

           A pair of + these words can also be used:

          Those are nice trousers  or  that's a nice pair of trousers.

  • Some words ending in -s can be singular or plural. For instance:


series a television series several television series
species a species of animals three species of animals
means a means of transport many means of transport

         Some nouns end in -ics but are not always plural. For instance: 

gymnastics,  mathematics,  physics,  economics,  politics.

Physics is my favourite subject.

Although ending in s, News is not plural: What time is the news on the radio.

  • We always use a plural verb with politice and people:The police have arrested a thief, these people are friends of mine.

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