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Here we have an ancient recipe and we suggest that you read it carefully and try to guess what is the most used tense here.

Green Pesen Royal

Take green peas clean washen and let them boil awhile over the fire, and then pour away all the broth, and bray a few of them with parsley and mint, and in the braying allay it with almond milk, and draw it up with the same milk, and put it in the same pot, and let it boil with whole pesen, and cast thereto sugar and saffron, and in the setting down of the pot, if it be a pot of two gallons, take 12 yolkes of eggs and beat them, and strain them, and cast them into the pot, and stir it well, and look that the pottage be running, and when it is dressed, strew sugar above, and serve it forth.  

1 lb green shelled peas
2 t fresh parsley
1 t fresh mint
almond milk: 1/4 c blanched almonds, 1/2 c cool water
1/8 t salt
1 T sugar
6 threads saffron
2 beaten egg yolks
2 T sugar (sprinkled on at end) 

Make almond milk and boil peas. When the peas are boiled, mash 1/2 c of the peas with the parsley and mint, and add almond milk gradually. Put back with peas, add sugar and saffron, and heat; add egg yolks and remove from heat; sprinkle on sugar before serving.


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