The Castle Mystery Tour.


If you  have been captured by the magic of  living in a castle, we propose you  keep on learning more about the life and habits that people in those days had.

First of all, you’ll learn about skills and trades. Some of them are not common nowadays but this is a challenge for you to improve your vocabulary in English


Type the letter of the phrase on the right that matches the one on the left. Click the "correction" button to see if they are all correct  (incorrect answers will be cleared).
1. SAWYER a. The person who covers the roof with straw, bracken, heather
2. THATCHER b. Someone whose job is making things out of metal, for instance, horseshoes, farm tools
3. PLUMBER c. The person who makes and repairs wooden things
4. BLACKSMITH d. Someone who saws wood
5. CARPENTER e. The person who makes objects out of clay
6. POTTER f. Someone who shapes and joins lead sheet and pipes
7. MILLER g. The person who sews clothes for people
8. TAILOR h. That person operates a mill in which the grain is crushed to make flour

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