Follow your students on this tour of a mythical castle. 

While they are having fun, they will become motivated and will be able to read a story in English, testing their knowledge. 

This “Castle Mystery Tour” quest is written to attract students of English of all ages who have been studying the language for 2 or 3 years. It offers a deeper understanding of British Culture and a great deal of fun. 

Through a reading comprehension exercise filtered through a sophisticated technological format, they will  be able to check the level of what they know, and at the same time we can inspire our students via something that is exciting in a natural way.

And since they will be using context to guess meaning, teachers can take advantage of the fact that they can’t get stuck on individual words.  

This is an opportunity to both learn vocabulary and to improve on the general knowledge offered in different answers to the questions. 

Responding to those, they will learn about British History and Culture and will become absorbed in the adventure of the quest – discovering that clicking onto one of the four possibilities will lead them to the next page. 

Though based on an English subject, the quest crosses disciplines, covering different aspects of learning.

Some Latin words are used in the story, since we consider that in those days Latin was the common link for most European Languages .


-  Improve knowledge of and interest in the English language. 

-  Disseminate certain aspects of British Culture and History by opening up a fantastic and interesting world to students. 

- Develop an approach that will allow pupils to learn in an exciting way. 

- Keep the students interested, amused and learning while they are involved in a challenge.

Make them aware of their own ability to observe and investigate.

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