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Wordbank for Hangman - Discover the parts of a Castle.

Wordbank for Hangman - Entertainment in a Castle.

Wordbank for Hangman - Who lives in the Castle?

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Here you will find some help with the words that may get you into trouble when reading the Castle Mistery Tour story.

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Quest: A long  and difficult search for something.

Legacy: Something transmitted by or received from an ancestor from the past.

Cistercian: Member of a Roman Catholic monastic order founded by St. Stephen Harding (1098) at Cīteaux (Latin, Cistercium).

Researcher: Someone who does a detailed study of a subject

Trace: Small amount of something that remains when most of it has disappeared.

Clues: Something that provides information.

Heir: The person who has the right to inherit their money.

Battlements: The battlements of a castle consist of a wall built round the top of it with regular gaps through which guns or arrows could be fired.

Oak: Wood from a tree, which is strong and hard.

Weapons: Objects such as guns, knives or a missile, which is used to kill or fight people in a battle or war.

Gloomy: Almost dark, you cannot see very well.

Suits of armour: Special metal clothing that soldiers used to wear for protection in battle.

Flicker: A light or a flame flickers when it shines with sudden changes in strength.

Sparkle: It is clear, bright and sometimes shines with a lot of very small points of light that look like flashes.

Chandelier: It is a circular frame with branches to hold light bulbs or candles.

Glitter: It shines in a sparkling way.

Festooned: Decorated

Cobwebs: The net which a spider makes for catching insects.

Rustling: It makes soft sounds as it moves gently

Swiftly: Quickly.

Growl: When a dog or other animal make a low noise, usually because it is angry.

Knight: In medieval times, a man usually of noble birth, who served his king or lord in a battle.

Invitingly: It is attractive to you and makes you think that it would give you pleasure or enjoyment.

Gilt: Covered with a thin layer of gold or gold paint.

Ajar: When a  door is ajar, it is a bit open.

Peep: If you peep at something, you look at it very quickly, especially secretly and quietly.

Lead: You guide someone to a particular place or object.

Tournament: In medieval times, a competition in which participants fight using different weapons.

Engraved: You cut a design or inscription on metal, glass or wood.

Sword: A weapon with a long blade, and a handle at one end.

Embroidered: The process of sewing designs on a cloth or other material.

Motto: A short sentence or phrase that expresses a rule for good or sensible behaviour. It is often choosen by a person, school or institution as their own special saying.

Overcome: When you overcome a problem, a feeling or a situation,, you successfully control it.


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