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Heroes and heroines

This event will run from April 20th to June 7th , 2002.

Will this be the statue?

The managers of the Babelnet Theme Park are having a statue put up at the entrance to the castle in the park. The statue will be of a fictional hero or heroine whom they would like to make into a mascot or symbol for the castle and this part of the theme park. The park managers want you to participate in this event, and tell everyone who this fictional hero or heroine is - and to write a story or tale about this person.

The Theme Park wants this hero or heroine to be a role model - someone who will inspire visitors to the park, of either sex, and of different ages. The best contribution will be presented at the unveiling of the statue this spring. You can read more about the guidelines for the event below.

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If you wish to participate, you must follow the guidelines below:

Word count

Your contribution should be no longer than 250 words.

An original idea

The hero or heroine should not be a person you can find in a book or a film. So using Robin Hood would not be allowed. It should be someone created from your imagination, or a real character who is not yet well known.

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Your story should be set in the present day. If you feel like writing about a character from the past or future you should make him or her travel back or forwards in time, to arrive in the present day.

The hero or heroine
What does your hero or heroine look like?
  • Give the hero or heroine a name. Perhaps, you would like to use a local hero, whom you admire, and that people in other parts of Europe, perhaps know nothing about, but he or she could also be someone completely fictitious.
  • Invent a story about the hero or heroine.
  • You can describe some of his or her actions.
  • Explain why the person is important or a good role model.
  • Tell us why the person should be used as the mascot or symbol of the castle.
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Other characters

You may wish to introduce some other characters, that the hero or heroine interacts with. They could be anyone, male or female. It is all up to your own imagination.

The setting

The story should take place in a European country.

  • It could be the one in which you live.
  • It could be a completely different European country, but if you choose this, you may have to do some research about the country you choose.
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Your entry should include one picture, or several, of your hero or heroine.


You will need to include some links to Web sites or pages about the area you have chosen as the setting for your story, so the park managers can see this and learn about it.

About you

All entries should include your name, date of birth (day/month/year), school name and address and a contact e-mail address (this can be your own, or your teacher's address).

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Format for entries

Why is he or she a good role model?
  • Entries (recipes) should be submitted as web documents (html files and any associated image files).
  • The files must not exceed 100Kb, including image files.
  • Images should be in GIF (.gif) or JPEG (.jpg) format.
  • The address for entries is
  • Submit (send in) your entries before June 7, 2002.

All entries will be published on the Babelnet Themepark Web site. The winners of the contest will receive the Babelnet certificate and a box of chocolates.

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When you are writing a story it is a good idea to think about what you are going to write about, before you start. Some of the questions you might want to try to answer before starting are:

  • Who is the main character?
  • What kind of characteristics does the main character have?
  • Where is he or she from?
  • When does the story take place?
  • What is he or she going to do in the story?
  • Does he or she meet other people on his or her way?
  • Do these other people help or try to harm our hero or heroine?
  • Why is the main character a good role model?
  • How will his or her story or tale end?
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Chat forum

There will be chance to discuss the event and your ideas for a contribution, in an online Chat forum. To take part in the online discussion, you will need to use the Chat server we have set up. Click on the link below, to open this Chat forum in a new window.

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Word bank

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