From One Place to Another

Done by the Young for the Young in Europe
The Young Travellerīs Guide to Europe

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Welcome to the Babelnet Autumn event!

How to do it?

From One Place to Another

- from October 1st to November 30th -

This is an activity done by young people for young people all around Europe, which provides information about places to go in your area and to share some useful information about it with other young Europeans.

When you travel it is really interesting to read about life in other countries or even in other regions of the same country. By sharing facts and details about our lives with others, we also invest in a broader understanding of each othersī similarities and differences. 

Participate and share some interesting facts and tips and hints for travelling in your town or region with other young people: what is going on in your area of Europe? Give other young people some tips and hints for travelling in your town or region.