Custard Tarts


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Recipe: Pastéis de Nata - Custard tarts

We think this recipe should be submitted because it's a delicious dessert that has tradition all over Portugal, but the "best" custard tarts are eaten in Lisbon. Go to "Belém" where there is a café where you can eat "Pastéis de Nata" since 1887!

Taste them and you'll miss their taste forever!


Ingredients: (4 - 6 people)

Pastry do fill the containers:
500 g flour
3,0 dl water
10 g salt
400 g margarine for pastries

Custard cream:
5,0 dl milk
275 g sugar
35 g flour (no raising powder)
salt (a bit)
Margarine (a bit)
5 yolks
1 egg


Pastry to fill the containers:
Knead the flour with water and salt, make a ball, cut it in the shape of a cross until its middle, pull the 4 sides outwards (forming a 4 point star), place the margarine in the centre and grab the points upwards (mix the margarine).
With a pastry roller roll out the mixture till up to 40x15 cm, fold 1x3 (simple fold) wait 10 minutes and roll out again, fold 1x4 (book fold) wait 10 minutes.
Roll out the mixture until it gets a thickness or more or less 4 mm and sprinkle with water in all its extension.
Roll it like tort with a diameter of more or less 4 cm, cut it in round slices 1 cm thick and place them in the containers, wait 10 minutes.
Wet the thumb with water, press the centre of the round slice and push the mixture to the top of the container.
The containers referred to are those of the size of pastry shop's custard tarts.

Custard Cream: 
Heat the milk together with the bit of margarine. In a dry container mix the flour with the sugar and the salt.
When the milk starts boiling add the mixture, mixing energetically, take it out of the heat and let it cool a bit.
Add the yolks and the egg, mix a bit of vanilla or lemon.
Put the cream into the containers and cook in oven at 290º-300º for no more than 8 minutes or the cream will come out of the containers.
The custard tarts may be served with a bit of cinnamon.


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Alexandra Santos, 25.03.1985, 16 years old;
Cláudia Machado, 11.10.1985, 16 years old;
Tânia Cunha, 14.07.1985, 16 years old

School: Secondary School of Sobreda, Rua Alberto Araujo, 2825 Sobreda da Caparica, Portugal.