Duck Rice with Orange


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Recipe: Arroz de Pato com Laranja Duck Rice with Orange

We chose this recipe of Duck Rice with Orange because it is a traditional Portuguese main dish. It is eaten all through Portugal, but it changes a bit depending on the region where it is cooked.



Ingredients: (4 - 6 people)

1 medium duck (whole)
175 225 g iberian salami ( chorizo)
juice of lemon
3 springs parsley
2 tablespoons of butter
1 clove
salt and pepper
450 g rice
1 or 2 large oranges, sliced


Place the whole duck and the other meat in a roomy pot whit enough boiling water to cover. Add the spices and seasoning.

Cook until tender, skimming the top now and then. Take care not to overcook the duck. When done, drain the meat and allow the stock to cool down. At this point the fat will have gathered on top, and it will be easy to discard some of it, with a spoon.

Cook the rice in stock (2 times its volume), putting a tablespoon of butter on it when you put in the oven. When the rice is done, put it the duck on top of it and brush the bird with the remaining butter.

Reheat the iberian salami (chorizo) in the left-over liquid and serve them together with the duck and the rice. Garnish with the oranges slices.


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