General objectives

The "themepark" is a site which is designed for learners and teachers of English language. Its aim is to develop teaching and learning material for individual and collaborative open distance learning on the Web.

There are:

  coherent interactive didactical units which provide different activities on different levels.

  "events" take place three times a year. They have the character of a contest. A jury selects the best production and prizes the best contributions. This encourages the communication and the collaborative work between the different European participants, the different levels of learners, but also teachers.

  a centre of resources for language teachers and learners: with pedagogical material giving information about the WEB and the didactics of language teaching with the means of the WEB, especially guidelines for the above mentioned units. This material proposes a didactic reflection , which allows teachers to inform themselves and to learn something out of it.

You will be able to use activities  on the following topics:

Castle (Disseminate certain aspects of British culture and history by opening up a fantastic and interesting world. Be interested, amused and learn while being involved in a challenge. Use your ability to observe and investigate!)
Services (Surf within the world of leisure: go shopping, relax in a restaurant or stay overnight in a hotel)
Divided in Shopping Mall; Accommodation and Food Corner.
 Attractions (Go on an exciting ride!)
Divided in Silver Screen; Sports Palace and Treasure Hunt.
 Nature Reserve (Meet wildlife in the zoo, relax in the forest or caress pets in an extraordinary surrounding).
Divided in The Zoo; Pets' World and Forest.
Events (On certain dates go on a challenge with other students of English language)

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