Silver Screen


In this area of the Theme Park attractions, you can learn about film history through simulations and interactive tasks. Visitors to the Silver Screen face a variety of linguistic challenges aimed at enlarging their vocabulary stock, improving their ability to read with understanding and their knowledge of grammar as well as giving information about cinema today and in recent history.





communicative - to enable the user to use acquired vocabulary



Activities for independent users of English

The Disney Time game

  • This game uses pictures and word clues - players try to identify a character and answer simple questions about him or her.

  • Players can learn about Disney characters in film by playing repeatedly.

The Oscars Night game

  • This is not one game, but three, really. The player faces a series of challenges to earn an Oscar - which appears in a pop-up window. By completing the third task, you will get all three Oscars.

  • Each of the tasks requires the player to show understanding or knowledge of language.

Activities for proficient users of English

Hollywood deaths and scandals

  • This challenging game consists of two activities: a matching exercise and a true-or-false quiz. The player must first study some information, then answer the questions on it.

The Sound and Vision game

  • This game involves listening to audio files as well as reading text, and answering questions. There are picture clues taken from various movies. These do not come from a single genre, as the game tries to show the huge range and variety of films. Because this is an English-language learning site, the films chosen all reflect the Anglo-American commercial mainstream. What they have in common is that they are all very well-known.

  • The player of the game listens to a passage of audio, then tries to repeat what he or she has heard. This is followed by other questions about the film from which the audio clip comes.

  • This game is that works well with players in groups, as they can discuss their answers before checking them.

Hooray for Hollywood

  • This is not one game but a series of six short activities in a common area - based on the history of Hollywood. Players learn about four film studios, two of the famous film theatres and the Hollywood sign - and answer questions about these.

  • Each of the activities leads to a multiple choice quiz or matching exercise - at the end of which the player sees his or her score and can find out the right answer. By playing repeatedly, he or she can become an expert on the history of Tinseltown, as Hollywood is known.

  • The activity is for proficient users of English as it relies largely on reading text with understanding.

Scandal at the Silver Screen

  • This is a rather silly activity, based on an imagined scandal in the Babelnet Themepark's own Silver Screen. The player reads a passage of text, then tries two challenges - a comprehension task and a true-or-false quiz.

  • This activity does not teach about real film history but does reinforce understanding of written English text.

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