Sports Palace


In this area of the Theme Park attractions, you can learn about sport through simulations and interactive tasks. Visitors to the Sports Centre face a variety of linguistic challenges aimed at enlarging their vocabulary  stock, improving their ability to read with understanding and their knowledge of grammar as well as giving information about sport today and in recent history.





communicative- to enable the user to use acquired vocabulary



Activities for basic users of English

Name the Sport

  • This is a word-recognition and prediction game. The student chooses letters that will either disappear or take their place in a word or phrase that names a sport.

  • To help the user there is an option to see images of the sports being played.

  • There is also a digital stopwatch, so the player can time how long he or she takes to find a right answer.

  • This is suitable for basic users as the activity will always show completed phrases if the player keeps going. When the player completes a word or phrase there is a chance to play another game. Playing repeatedly will lead the player to know the standard spelling for the name of each sport. The picture cues show the meaning of the nouns or noun phrases.

Activities for independent users of English

Different Sports

  • This game tests understanding of written text and cultural knowledge. The player sees pictures of various sports and a series of statements. The player guesses whether the statement is true or false, then clicks on it to find more information in the form of an "Alert" message.

  • The game does not require the player to know about sports - but the answers give information about the sport.

The National Anthems game

  • This game is not directly about sport but about the National Anthems of a range of European Union states - which are played at sporting events. The player listens to an audio file of a country's anthem, then chooses which is the country from a drop-down list. At the end of the game, the player can see a score for the number of right answers.

  • By playing the game repeatedly, the player will learn all the Anthems in the activity.

Activities for proficient users of English

The Olympic Games puzzle

  • This is a complex simulation, where the player travels in time and space to different Olympic games from the modern revival in the 19th century onwards.

  • The player answers various questions to move forward in the game.

  • Some wrong answers lead only to alerts or warnings - but others may take the player back to an earlier point in the game.

  • This simulation is challenging for students - so it can be used competitively.

  • By playing the game repeatedly, students will learn about sporting culture by becoming knowledgeable about the venues, stars and historical context of the modern Olympics.

The World Cup history game

  • This is another simulation, where the player learns which teams won and lost in the final of each World Cup tournament, as well as learning to recognize the national flag of the winners, and other information about the history of the tournament.

  • By playing the game repeatedly, players will learn about modern footballing history.

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