Welcome to the Babelnet Theme Park!
This is a fun way to learn English.
Activities for
basic, independent and proficient users of English can be found here.

Nature Reserve.
(A forest and places where  tame and wild animals can be found.)

(A magical mystery tour)


(Links to services include accommodation, advice on healthy eating and shopping)

(You can choose to go to the Media Centre, go on a Treasure Hunt or visit the Sports Centre)



(Project Babelnet organizes regular events for language learners in the European Union)

What's New?What's new?
(The latest news about the project 
can be found here.)



The Photo Gallery Forum - Banning mobile phones in the Babelnet Themepark - Participate and give your contributions to the new Forum in the Babelnet Themepark.


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Last update: 6th January 2003
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