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The Old Trees
     In the Classroom - follow up activities

The Shot Grove Gallery is making a contest to see who can make the best photos with trees. They are looking for special and unusual pictures.


You can try to take pictures in your area of famous trees, unusual trees or of a forest in your area.


You can also try searching the web for pictures of unusual trees and use them. To do this, go to and search under the word tree. See if the search engine will give you some better suggestions. The suggestions will appear under the search area. One of the suggestions might be, ”tree pictures”. Click on this and see what happens. You might also look at the top part of the altavista search engine. There is a word called images here and when you click on this and search for ”trees”, it will give you a number of pictures.

Now write three sentences about the tree or trees you have chosen. Make a poster with your picture and your sentences and present it to the class.


You could also find another class at a school in another town or country and share your work with each other. You can find project partners at