The World of the Poetry!

     In the Classroom - follow up activities

The following are some questions to each of the poems you have read. You can answer the questions as written or oral work.

 Oh Dear Brother

1. What do you think the poem is about?
2. Do you think the person who wrote the poem is writing to his brother or to someone he loves? Why?
3. Is it possible for a person to feel that another person is part of his soul? Why or why not?
4. Is it important to feel loved?
 What is a Warrior ?

1. Try to describe whata warrior is in the poem

2. What would make a person a warrior today?

3. What are important qualities you look for in a person?

Treat the Earth Well

1. What do you think the poem is trying to tell us?
2. How do you treat the Earth?
3. What could we do to make the Earth a better place for everyone?


The Beautiful Color of Love

1. What do you think Arnold Sparky Watts is trying to tell us in the poem?
2. How do you look at people who are different from yourself?
3. Does love have any boundaries?
4. What is love?