The Old Trees
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an old oak tree go to the Forest

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around 20 tons
around 20 meters
around 8 meters


There are many old trees in the Theme Park Forest. Some are more than 800 years old. They are mostly oak trees.
The Theme Park wants everyone to be able to enjoy these very old trees, now and in the future. Children can climb and play in most trees, but there are some trees that you may not climb or play in, because they are old.
There is a PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB sign, next to these trees in the Forest. These trees are ancient. They need props to support the weight of the branches and a fence to stop the feet of the visitors from hurting the roots of the tree.
In the forest, there are special rangers and tree doctors that check the health of the old trees. Of course, trees are like people, they live and die, but somehow the trees in the Forest may live for many years to come.


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