1 - Why did the people of the island think the end of the world was coming?
They thought three floating islands would come and destroy their island.
They thought three people would come and destroy their island.
They thought three ships would come and destroy their island.
2 - Where did the people go?
They went to the beach.
They went to the highest point on the island.
They went home.
3 - What were the floating islands in reality?
They were really people.
They were really islands.
They were really ships.
4 - Where were the people on the ships from?
They were from Russia.
They were from France.
They were from Denmark.
5 - Where were they going?
They were going to Russia.
They were going to France.
They were going to Denmark.
6 - Why did they stop on the island?
They stopped to get directions.
They stopped to fight in the Crusades.
They stopped to get food.
7 - What did the French call the island?
They called it Bornholm.
They called it Bourgogne.
They called it Bourgonville.
8 -Which country does the island belong to today?
It belongs to Denmark
It belongs to Sweden.
It belongs to France

Reading Comprehension II - Activity 1

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