1. What did the knight from Dijon build on the island?
They built 4 round houses
They built 4 round buildings.
They built 4 round churches.



2. Why did they build them?
They built them to make wine in
They built them for tourists.
They built them to have a place for their guns and ammunition.



3. What are the buildings used for today?
They are used as hotels.
They are used as churches.
They are used as homes.



4. What can you see from the top of them?
You can see the Baltic Sea.
You can see Denmark.
You can see Sweden



5. What was the top floor used for?
It was used as a sanctuary
It was used for refuge
It was used for defence.



6. Why do researchers think the island is so special?
They think it is special because of the high energy level.
They think it is special because there are a lot of tourists
They think it is special because there are a lot of people living on the island




7. What do some people think about the island?
It is so quiet.
It is so noisy.
It is like paradise.




Reading Comprehension III - Activity 1

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