Reading Comprehension II

Find the highlighted words in the Word Bank

The inhabitants of the island lived happy lives for hundreds of years. They ate fruits and berries from the forests, hunted game for meat and fished from the sea. Everything they needed, they could find on the island. The people believed they were living in paradise, even though they were sometimes annoyed by the trolls.

But then from one day to another, life on the island changed forever. A nuisance worse than any troll attack appeared on the horizon. At first, no one on the island knew what to think of it. Three floating islands were coming nearer and nearer. The island inhabitants were sure it would be the end of the world! The three floating islands would certainly collide into their little island and they would surely all die. Everyone panicked. They started running to the highest point on the island, hoping to be able to survive.

In all the panic, no one had time to actually look at what really was coming closer until one of the small children looked to see how close the colliding islands had come to their own island. When he looked, he saw that the floating islands had stopped moving. The child cried out and everyone stopped running. It was true. The islands had stopped moving and everyone was relieved.

Everyone started back to the village and to see the floating islands. The people of the island knew nothing of the outside world, so when they got to the islands, they were surprised how different they actually were from their own. They were, in reality, three ships and on board were strange looking people, speaking a strange language.
The people of the ships began to land on the island and the inhabitants of the island could not understand that there were people just like them except for their clothing and a funny way of speaking.
There were only men on the ships and the women on the island were fascinated by them. They were speaking in a language that made them sound more like they were singing than speaking. They were tall, dark and handsome, and they wore clothing made of metal. They were knights from a secret order in Dijon, France. They were on their way to fight in the Crusades in Russia. They had sailed all the way from France and only stopped on the island, because they were in need of food and when they saw the island on the horizon, they could see how green and fruitful it was, so they thought there must be food.

The people of the island became good friends with the Frenchmen and every time their ships were sailing to and from Russia, they would stop on the island for supplies. Some of the knights stayed there the rest of their lives. It is because of the beautiful green island and the dark blue water surrounding it, the Frenchmen began to call it Bourgogne. Today the island is a part of Denmark, and it is the furthest eastern point in the Kingdom.

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