Reading Comprehension III

Find the highlighted words in the Word Bank.

The secret order of knights from Dijon stayed on the island for many years. While they were there, they built four round buildings on the island.

No one really knows why they built them. Today, they are used as churches, but many people believe that they were built for guns and ammunition, so the ships sailing to the Crusades could take these things with them. The round churches may have also served as look-out posts, because you can see far out into the Baltic Sea from the top of the churches. This way the inhabitants of the island could see who was sailing to the island and if they were pirates or the French. Originally, they may have been built by a bishop or a king. Maybe they were actually built to hold treasure.

The churches were all built with a ground floor as a sanctuary, the middle as a refuge or storage area and the top floor for defence.

Today, there are a number of researchers and scientists throughout the world researching not only the churches, but their strategical placement on the island. When you see the way they are placed on the island it makes you wonder what the builders were thinking at the time. If you try drawing lines from one round church to another, they are almost equally far apart from each other. Some scientists believe it symbolizes something and other researchers are looking into other ideas. You see, there are actually people, who are researching the energy level and natural radioactivity found on the island. It is believed that the placement of the round churches may influence these phenomena.

Perhaps it is like the original inhabitants believed. They believed they were in paradise. After all, it is still quite unbelievable to be in a place so quiet and so close to nature, where time stands still and you have time to just be. Where there are animals and plants that do not exist in other places on Earth and where the island of the sun, lies like a perfect pearl in the middle of the Baltic Sea.


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