Here is my poem to all of you.
Try reading it and doing the activity which follows.

Find the highlighted words in the Word Bank.

Oh Dear Brother

by White Wolf

Oh dear brother
I see your eyes
Which ignite my soul
And within I see
The reflection of my soul
For your soul is my soul
We are one

When I look into your eyes
I see there are no lies
Only you who are to me so true
The reason I can say, I love you

The sun above is your energy
radiates around me
The moon guides in the night
So I will see your light
The wind in the trees
Whisper your love in the leaves
light from above
Are the signs that tell me of your love
Each sign gives me hope
That we now reunite

Two lost souls
Found again
Become one
In divine hope
In divine love of
the Maker

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