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Birds are different pets from dogs or cats but the relationship can be rewarding too if you care well for your pet bird. You have to think of special housing, nutritional needs and veterinary care. The veterinarian must have a special interest in avian medicine because the treatment is different from the other pets.

The cage must be as large as possible.

Birds are considered as a companion when you can feed them. They are called hand-raised birds and are more entertaining and responsive to humans than "wild caught" or "parent-raised" birds. They are more sociable.

Cockatoos require constant attention. Lories are colourful, active and playful.

Many other companion birds, such as finches, parakeets, doves and lovebirds can make wonderful pets.

Did you know?

Parrots are from Australia, Africa or America.

They speak.

They are grey, white, yellow, blue, green or red

They are beautiful birds.

African grey parrots can learn lots of words.

And the budgerigars? They come from Australia and they like to live in big groups.

It's sad to keep one budgerigar in a cage, alone. They must have friends and exercise.

They are usually blue, yellow or green.

Did you know the babies are bald and blind? They only open their eyes after six days and they have all their feathers after twenty-eight days. Then they leave their nests and the father teaches them how to open the seeds with their beaks.

If you teach them, they can learn to "speak" or copy human voices .



Birds are always doing something
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