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Cats have vertebrates and they are mammals. The females give birth to live kittens. For cats you need a box or a basket lined with newspaper, a litter tray and a blanket as a cat bed.


A cat's babies are called kittens.


The cat's skeleton has about  40 more bones than ours - most of them in the tail and spine. It has a full coat of fur.  The cat walks on its toes. It can easily jump upwards to five times its own height but is less efficient jumping down.

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Cats are very independent animals. They are intelligent and beautiful.. They like warmth, comfort and regular meals.

The cat cannot see as much colour as we do but they can react to any movement. The smell of food is more important to them than its taste. However, they are very conscious of stale food and may refuse a bowl that has been left down too long. The cat's hearing is very accurate.


They are carnivores-they eat meat and they are hunters. Cats have a highly developed senses of smell and taste. They like milk. Cats are very sensitive to the taste of the water. They do not usually like sweet things. A cat's tongue and teeth are very important to drink and to cut the meat they eat.



The fights and games of kittenhood are practical training for adult life.


Cat sounds: Cats communicate with a variety of soft purring sounds, according to their feelings of inquiry, affection and concern : meow; miaou; miao; nyan nyan; miau-miau ...

Did you know? The fattest cat in the world was called Himmy. He weighed 20.7 kg.
Normal cats weigh about 2 kg.

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