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Dogs are mammals. The Female dog is called a bitch. Male dogs are dogs. A dog's house is a kennel.


A baby dog is called a puppy.


Dogs have got a tail, four legs with paws and claws. They are usually furry. There are small and big dogs with long or short ears. There are many races of dogs. 



Dogs are wonderful companions.

They are kind, friendly, loyal and playful. Dogs are good for our health! By taking dogs for walks you can keep fit! 

They help disabled people. They guide the blind. 

They search for contraband, find lost people, and supply joy to many people's lives.

The love we have for our dogs is great, and they love us back unconditionally.

They can protect our houses, too. Don't leave your dog  alone for long periods! They suffer from that.

They don't like baths but they like the sea and the rivers to swim in.


Dogs usually need to be fed once or twice a day. They can eat a variety of foods. Most dog food is meat but you can  find some vegetarian foods on the market. Dogs love large and hard bones. Small bones are dangerous for dogs.



Dogs need exercise. They usually need about three walks a day. Training a dog takes patience, persistence, and love.


paw_lb.gif (128 bytes)Queen Elizabeth loves dogs. She owns 10 corgis. They are called Smokey, Shadow, Spark, Myth, Fable, Diamond, Kelpie, Geordie, Chipper, and Blackie . They are all female.

paw_lb.gif (128 bytes)Visit the site   to know about "Pets in the White House", Washington D.C., USA.

paw_lb.gif (128 bytes)Did you know?

The biggest dog in the world is a St. Bernard.

The tallest dog is a Great Dane.

The smallest dog in the world is a Chihuahua.

To know more about dogs:


paw_lb.gif (128 bytes) Dog sounds:  Woof? ouha ouha? bau bau? wan wan? guau guau ? ão ão?

What do the dogs say? Is it the same all over the world?

Try to record and  digitalize a dog's sound. E-mail it and how you write it in your own language. Describe feelings according to the sounds you have recorded.

paw_lb.gif (128 bytes) A dog's body

1- Game: Drag the words over the item on the image.
2 - Print write and colour the parts of a dog's body.

Pedigree dogs. Are you a dog expert? - Matching activity

paw_lb.gif (128 bytes)A Quiz about dogs.

paw_lb.gif (128 bytes) Take care when you play with unknown dogs. Write some reasons to be careful of dogs: Read what they say: I like children but...

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