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"One final point that all horse owners, beginners and experienced, should remember is that a horse is a living being whose life and welfare is in your hands."


Theses animals are beautiful, aren't they?

The baby horses are called foals. When the foal is one year old, it's called a yearling.

There are about 750 million horses in the world, and there are about 3000 different breeds of horses and ponies..

Experts measure horses in hands (one hand = 10 centimetres)

A pony is a small horse. and ponies are no higher than 14,2 hands. Falabella horses are about seven hands high and they are the smallest breed of ponies.

The tallest breed in the world is the English Shire horse and they are about 19 hands high.

Do you like riding a horse?

Horse-riding is fun but you must wear the right clothes, riding equipment.

At least you need a hard hat to protect your head and wear boots or very strong shoes.

Riding is a team sport - between the horse and the rider - therefore it is important to think of the temperament of the horse that suits to the style of the rider.

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Horses are friendly animals and they get bored and lonely on their own. They need to have a friend.

If you like horse-riding, don't forget to try to walk for the last half an hour so the horse can cool down. And do not ride a horse when it has a cold.

Every six months the veterinarian has to check your horse's teeth.

Owning a horse is a big responsibility and you need to spend time and money caring for him. Looking after a horse or a pony is hard work. You must keep him clean, feed him, care for him, keeping him happy.

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