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Achilles and the Tortoise


Read Achilles and the tortoise and test your reading comprehension solving the match activity.

There  is an old story, by the Greek philosopher Zeno, about a race between Achilles and a tortoise. Achiles could run very fast , while the tortoise is an extremely slow animal. In fact, Achilles could run ten times as fast as the tortoise. So he decided to give the tortoise some help: he let him start ten metres ahead.

As soon as he heard the gun, Achilles started sprinting at top speed. The tortoise started sprinting too, but not quite so fast.  “ I’ ll catch him in no time, “ thought Achilles and ran  very fast. He was about to catch the tortoise. He was only a centimetre far from the tortoise. But he never caught him. (adapted)

Achilles and the tortoise

Type the letter of the phrase on the right that matches the one on the left. Click the "correction" button to see if they are all right (incorrect answers will be cleared).


 1. There is a very old story a. when he heard the gun.
 2. The tortoise couldn’t run fast b. but he lost the race.
 3. Achiles started running c. although he could run very fast.
 4. He never caught the tortoise d. because he is a very slow animal.
 5. Achiles was a very good athlete e. that is about a race .