Pets' world

A pet is an animal that lives in your house. Pets are very popular all over the world.


"Because they provide companionship, joy, unconditional love, a sense of safety and often a service. Animals are fun to be with every day. They make us feel good".

But to have a pet means a commitment for the whole family. Don't forget that there are millions of unwanted pets that have to be put to death each year.  

Pets do not choose us.
We choose them.
The least we can do is to choose very wisely
and take full responsibility for that choice.


Have you got a pet? Would you like to have one?

Family members should decide together what kind of animal they want and discuss some things before their decision.


Imagine you and your family want to select a pet. Which animal would be the best for you and your family? It is an important decision. There are lots of things to decide before keeping a pet.

Discuss with your partners this situation and decide what you do and don't do when you want to acquire and keep a pet.

Take notes.

True/False - Read the following statements, choose the answer you agree with and at the end you'll have some items that a family should discuss before selecting a pet.

Are they similar to your notes? Check them. We would like you to contribute with your ideas, opinions, and statements you might find for us. Please submit them and we'll publish them.
Don't forget to identify yourself (name, age, school, e-mail).

Publish your work in  your school newspaper or on a webpage, calling peoples' attention to responsible pet ownership.

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