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Welcome to the Theme Park's Front Desk


A receptionist works in the "front office" - situated e.g. in the front hall or the lobby of a hotel. The staff working there has either direct personal or telephone contact with the guests.

The hotel receptionists are the ones who welcome guests. They reflect the atmosphere of a hotel. They register the guests, sometimes they deal with inquiries or are responsible for book-keeping.

In general you can say that at the front office different tasks are carried out: There is 

a receptionist
a cashier
a reservation clerk
a concierge

An "advance reservations clerk" deals with reservation inquiries and with the booking and allocation of accommodation. The reservation requests are done in different ways: by letter, by fax, by phone, by mail ..... . Telephone bookings are quick, it is possible to get full information from the customer. Nevertheless written and signed confirmation is always necessary.

Many hotels own a reservation system, so the reservation can easily be done via Internet by the individual customer.

If you would like to be employed in this area, you need to

- be friendly and patient
- speak different languages
- cope with different situations very quickly
- have a pleasant appearance
- be good at calculating

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