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Business travellers/holidaymakers tell about their experience when travelling

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Traveller 1:
I travel many times - so I spend a third of my life in different kinds of   lodgings. For me, the ideal hotel has big rooms with comfortable beds and good facilities - including a conference center. It should be located in a city center and close to the airport.

Traveller 2:
I like to go on holidays, especially in Europe. I have worked hard all my life, so I feel like deserving and enjoying some kind of luxury now - and I do not mind paying for it. A hotel needs to make you feel at home but also needs to make you feel special.

Traveller 3:
We like family-run hotels as well as 5-star hotels, although we prefer the small ones. There you can learn more about the country, the people and the culture. The people working there tend to have more time for you. Unfortunately bigger hotels seem to be a bit more impersonal and  belonging to chains they all look the same. Once you are inside you cannot tell which country you are in.

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