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The Delicacies Department

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The Delicacies Department

Welcome to the Delicacies department of the EU Food Store. In this section, you will find the favorite recipes of the Babelnet Theme Park Rangers. The Rangers are an international group of people from Finland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, the United Kingdom and Denmark. They have provided their favorite recipes for you to try. There is also a link to some recipes from children in Portugal. Bon appetite!

To find the recipe of your choice, click on the country below.

Some of the words in the recipe are in red. Click on them and you will come into the word bank, where there is an explanation of the word.

You can also come to the Food Corner. The Food Corner is about food and health.

You can also try these activities and find out how much you know about the EU countries.

Popcorn bag.Vocabulary activity - Recognise the EU countries and flags.

Popcorn bag.  Vocabulary activity - Match exercise - 1st part.

Popcorn bag.  Vocabulary activity - Match exercise - 2nd part.

Popcorn bag.  Languages used in the EU countries - Multiple choice exercise.

Bar with lemons and strawberries.

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