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A bar with apples.

In this activity try to study the flag and the country it belongs to.

The EU Food Store is a special food store inside the Theme Park. It has all kinds of foods and spices from the countries presently in the EU, (2001). Below you will find the flags of the countries the stores has food from.

1. Austria Austrian flag. 6. Germany German flag. 11. Luxembourg Luxembourgish flag.
2. Belgium Belgian flag. 7. Greece Greek flag. 12. Portugal Portuguese flag.
3. Denmark Danish flag. 8. Holland Dutch flag. 13. Spain Spanish flag.
4. Finland Finnish flag. 9. Ireland Irish flag. 14. Sweden Swedish flag.
5. France French flag. 10. Italy Italian flag. 15. The United Kingdom The United Kingdom flag.


A bar with lemons and strawberries.

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