Fruits and Vegetables - Riddles
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A bar with apples.

The Fruit and Vegetable Department


Choose the correct answer.

Popcorn bag. 1. What is red or green, round and sometimes sweet and sometimes sour?

  an (885 bytes)
  an (7079 bytes)
  an onion.onion.gif (785 bytes)

Popcorn bag. 2. What is long and white or green and comes in the spring?
  a cucumber cucumber.gif (1154 bytes)
  an avocado avocado.gif (2391 bytes)
  aspargus asparagus.gif (1057 bytes)

Popcorn bag. 3. What is tall and green with lots of small heads on it?
Brussels sprouts brussels-sprouts.gif (1647 bytes)
cauliflower cauliflower.gif (688 bytes)
cabbage cabbage.gif (831 bytes)

Popcorn bag. 4. What is green on the outside and with lots of small green balls on the inside when you open it up?
lettuce lettuce.gif (1131 bytes)
peas  peas.gif (1139 bytes)
beans beans.gif (1444 bytes)

Popcorn bag. 5. What is the only vegetable that will make you cry?
a tomato tomatoes.gif (1064 bytes)
an onion onion.gif (785 bytes)
an orangeorange.gif (885 bytes)

Popcorn bag. 6. What grows under ground and has eyes?
  an olive olives.gif (1649 bytes)
  an onion onion.gif (785 bytes)
  a potato potato.gif (1558 bytes)

Popcorn bag. 7. What fruit is always sour?
  an orange orange.gif (885 bytes)
  a lemon lemon.gif (380 bytes)
  an apple apple.jpg (7079 bytes)

Popcorn bag. 8. Which do you use at Halloween?
  cabbages cabbage.gif (831 bytes)
  pumpkins pumpkin.gif (1072 bytes)
  tomatoes tomatoes.gif (1064 bytes)

Popcorn bag. 9. You use them in sauce or you eat them, as they are, red, ripe and wonderful.
  potatoes potato.gif (1558 bytes)
  peppers rpepper.gif (763 bytes)
  tomatoes tomatoes.gif (1064 bytes)

Popcorn bag. 10. What is big and white on the inside, but green on the outside?
  cabbage cabbage.gif (831 bytes)
  cauliflower cauliflower.gif (688 bytes)
  Brussels sprouts brussels-sprouts.gif (1647 bytes)

Bar with lemons and strawberries.

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