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Do you know these herbs and spices in English?

Below, you will find the names of some herbs and spices and how they are used. When you are finished looking at them, you can try some of the activities that go along with them. There is also a recipe - PESTO -, you may wish to try. Have fun!

The leaves can be used to flavour a number of savoury dishes, especially with tomato. The leaves can be used either dried or fresh. It is used in the making of pesto sauce for eating with pasta.


The flavour of a bay leaf is distinct and added to most meat and fish curries and vegetable dishes. Although dried leaves are used quite often, the fresher the leaves, the stronger the flavour.


Cinnamon comes from the outer bark of its tree and its oil is sometimes used for toothache. Cinnamon has a sweet taste and is the most delicately scented spice and it can be used broken into small pieces or ground as a powder.


The clove is one of the best known spices and varies in appearance and size, depending on its origin and age. It is the unopened flower bud of the clove tree and should be used sparingly. The clove also has its medicinal use as a cure for toothaches.


Coriander is used in two forms, as green leaves and as a seed. The coriander leaves are used in salads. The seeds are used as a powder.


Garlic has a strong and distinctive odour. When eaten its flavour hangs around for quite some time. Garlic can be used in a crushed form or in a clove form.


There are many varieties of mint. Mint has a pleasant aroma and flavour. You can also make tea from mint.


Parsley is mainly used to garnish dishes either in whole leaves, fried or chopped. Parsley is used in many different kinds of food.


There are two varieties of pepper, black and white, and it can be used whole or ground. Of the two, the black is the stronger variety.


A strong flavour is a characteristic of rosemary and should be used sparingly.


Saffron has a distinctive flavour and it is difficult to estimate how much to use in one attempt, but a little is more than enough. It is used to colour food, more than to give it taste, and it is very expensive.


The fresh leaves are used in chicken, meat, sauces, pickles and vegetable soups, and many other preparations.


Vanilla is usually associated with sweet foods such as cakes, ice cream and puddings to name a few. Vanilla is also used to rub down the fridge to produce a pleasant aroma after the fridge has been washed. Displayed is a vanilla bean.

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