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The Dairy Department

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Reading / Comprehension - Multiple choice exercise about the text The Milk Story.
If you feel you need to check anything in order to answer the questions correctly go back and read the text The Milk Story again.


1. Most people drink milk from __________.

a. reindeer
b. cows
c. camels

2. Some people drink milk from _________.

a. dogs
b. cats
c. reindeer

3. Milk is ________ for you.

a. healthy
b. bad 
c. not good

4. ________ is a popular dairy product, because it is found in many different shapes, sizes and tastes.

a. milk 
b. cheese
c. cream
5. Some people think it would be ________ to live without dairy products.

a. good
b. bad
c. impossible

6. Some people get sick from dairy products, because they are ________ to them.
a. allergic
b. bad
c. distasteful

Bar with lemons and strawberries.

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