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Gif animated of a bear getiign out of a box.Stationary.

a book. A book. an eraser. An eraser. a schoolbag. A schoolbag.
a pair of scissors. A pair of scissors. a pencil-case. A pencil case. a notebook. A notebook.
a pen. A pen. a pencil sharpener. A pencil sharpener. a thermos. a thermos
a pencil. A pencil. a lunch box. A lunch box. a paper clip. A paper clip
a ruler. A ruler. tape. tape. glue. glue



Link Bank.

Shoes animated gif.Clothes.

Small cap.Wordbank for activity 2

a cap. a cap a pair of shoes. a pair of shoes a raincoat. a raincoat
a dress. a dress a pair of shorts. a pair of shorts an umbrella. an umbrella
a jacket. a jacket a pair of underwear. a pair of underwear a t-shirt. a t-shirt
a pair of pants. a pair of pants a scarf. a scarf

Small cap. Other words about clothing

a blouse. a blouse a pair of gloves. a pair of gloves a sweatshirt. a sweatshirt
a coat. a coat a pair of socks. a pair of socks a sweater. a sweater
a hat. a hat a pair of sunglasses. a pair of sunglasses a skirt. a skirt
a jogging set. a jogging set a shirt. a shirt a pair of stockings. a pair of stockings

Small cap. Wordbank for The dialogue.

browse – when you just want to look around in a store

buy – when you use money to get something you want in a store

choose – when there is more than one thing to pick from

dislike – when something you see is not nice

fit – the piece has the correct size for you

leave – when you go away from the place you are or give something to someone to look after

like – when something you see is nice

take off – when you have something on you donīt want to have on anymore

try on – when you want to see, if a piece of clothing is right for you



Link Bank.

A basket with fruit.The EU Food Store

The Fruit and Vegetable Department

Apples. Apples. Watermelon. Watermelons. Celery. Celery.
Asparagus. Asparagus. Mushrooms. Mushrooms. Red pepper. Peppers.
Avocado. Avocados. Olives. Olives. Green beans. Green beans.
Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts. Onion. Onions. Potatoes. Potatoes.
Cabbage. Cabbage. Orange. Oranges. Lemon. Lemons.
Cauliflower. Cauliflower. Peas. Peas. Pumpkins. Pumpkins.
Lettuce. Lettuce. Tomatoes. Tomatoes.

The Delicacies Department

Some recipes from different countries in Europe

to bake - to cook in an oven 
to beat - to mix by stirring 
beef - meat from a cow 
beef fat - lard from a cow 
to boil - something that becomes very hot, like water 
to chop - to cut in small pieces 
crust - the outer layer of something 
cubed - to cut in squares 
cup - a measurement, 8 fluid ounces or 2.4 dl. 
to fold - to mix something without stirring or beating 
to fry - to cook in a pan 
g or gram - a measurement 
gradually - little by little 
ground - finely chopped 
matured - ripe 
to melt - to change from something solid to something liquid by using heat 
to mix - to combine and blend together 
to peel - to strip off 
pinch - a little bit of something 
to shave - to grate 
to shuck - to take the shell off of something 
to stir - to mix together in a circular motion 
tablespoon - a large spoon used to measure with, it is the same as 4 teaspoons 
turnip - a vegetable from the mustard family 
wedge - a triangular piece of something

The Dairy Department

Dairy Department Introduction




sour cream.


Cheese Introduction





Cream Introduction

aluminum foil. aluminum foil. box. a box a can. a can
a carton. a carton a container. a container

a glass bottle.

a glass bottle
a jar. a jar a plastic bottle. a plastic bottle a plastic bag. a plastic bag
a paper bag.

a paper bag

Sour cream Introduction

loaf of bread. a loaf of bread piece of cheese. a piece of cheese

bottle of wine.

a bottle of wine
can of tomatoes. a can of tomatos slice of pork. a slice of pork jars of marmelade. a jar of marmelade

carton of milk.

a carton of milk

box of chocolates.

a box of chocolates

The Meat, Poultry and Seafood Department

chicken.What is the Meat, Poultry and Seafood Department? - Introduction

Meat - the parts of an animals with hooves that you eat
Poultry - the parts of birds that you eat
Seafood - the parts of animals from the sea or ocean that you eat
Hooves - animals which have a foot covered with horn
Fowl - any kind of bird

Animals that you can buy meat from at the...

Meat Department


Poultry Department


Seafood Department


Different parts of animals bodies

Eye - the part of the body you use to see with
Neck - the part of the body between the head and the rest of the body
Wing - the part of the body birds use to fly with
Web feet - a foot having webbed toes
Leg - the part of the body used when standing and moving
Beak - the bill of a bird
Nose - the part of the body used for breathing
Feather - the covering on the body of a bird

Eye - the part of the body you use to see with
Tail - the rear end of the body of an animal
Fin - the part of a fish that helps it guide itsself through water
Tailfin - the end part of a fish that helps it guide itsself through water
Gills - the lungs of a fish
Mouth - the part of the body used for eating
Scales - the skin of a fish

Snout - the nose of an animal
Eye - the part of the body you use to see with
Ear - the part of the body you use to hear with
Leg - the part of the body used when standing and moving
Hoof - the foot of an animal, where the foot is covered with horn
Antler - the bony part of some animals, that grows from the top of the head
Tail - the rear end of an animal that is usually long or bushy

The Herbs and Spices Department

an aroma - a nice smell
bark - the outside part of a tree
a clove - one of the small bulbs of garlic
delicately - nice
distinct - a taste or smell you can not mistake
dried - to make something dry
flavour - taste
fresh - new or not changed in any way
garnish - decoration
ground - to make into powder
herbs - plants with medicinal or aromatic qualities
odour - a smell or scent
pleasant - nice
a recipe - a set of instructions for making something
savoury - a nice taste
scented - a good smell or aroma
sparingly - to not use too much of something
spices - aromatic vegetable products used in food
stronger - not mild or weak tasting



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