Gif animated of a bear getiign out of a box. Stationary.

shopping mall.

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Here  we are! Now you can choose what to do:

clipp.jpg (5548 bytes)Take a look around and see what kinds of things there are at the Stationary Store - Recognise some vocabulary.

clipp.jpg (5548 bytes)Match the pictures with the words. - Match exercise.

clipp.jpg (5548 bytes) You just bought a pencil case. Now you want to fill it up. What goes inside a pencil case? - Match exercise

clipp.jpg (5548 bytes) Game: discover the names of some objects - Crossword puzzle

clipp.jpg (5548 bytes)You have been pick-pocketed. What to do next? - Reading Comprehension - True/False

clipp.jpg (5548 bytes)Writing about the visit to the Police Station - follow-up activities

clipp.jpg (5548 bytes)Talking about what happens at the Police Station - follow-up activities



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