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Who are We?

Hello to all English teachers all around Europe! I am the head of the Tourism School of Bad Hofgastein ( , situated in the beautiful countryside of Salzburg. We offer education to students from the age of 14 - 19/20. Besides the Higher College of Hotel Management (5 years), students can also attend the Tourism School (3 years) and the ski academy (4 years).
This job is brand new for me. I started on August 1, 1999. Up to that time, I have been working as an English teacher since 1992. (Besides English I taught History and Rhetoric and Communication)

I was also involved in many projects like museum@online 99 (, with which my students and I won an award for webness and "Erinnern und Gestalten" (Austrian Cultural Service, "Remember and Create") (

Contact me by email: or

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Maya Prokofyew.

Maija Prokofjew

I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, where I attended the English Language School and and took my Masters Degree in English and English Literature, with a second specialty of Russian and Russian Literature at the University of Sofia.
I spent my graduate year at the University of Leeds, where I worked on my thesis. I continued my studies at the University of Helsinki in 1980, with a degree in Pedagogy.
I have been living in Helsinki ever since and am a senior lecturer of English and Russian at Mäkelänrinne Sports Senior High in Helsinki. Since 1997 I have been co-writing a series of Russian textbooks for upper high schools.
My hobbies include rock- climbing and pot-holing (in the early days), badminton, swimming and reading. I´m married to a Finn and have two sons.
My home address is:
Uudenmaankatu 31A 5, 00120 Helsinki, Finland


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MAr Gallego.

Mar Gallego

I was born in Madrid where I graduated in English Language and Literature.

Later I settled in Seville where I live and teach in the State secondary school, IES Inmaculada Vieira.

For a few years I’ve been a member of the Comenius project: "The impact of Megaevents on the economy of a country", which along with Babelnet gives me an opening into new ventures in English.


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I was born in the U.S.A., but have lived abroad since I was 16 years old. I ended up in Denmark in 1979 and took my teaching degree in Home Economics and English in Copenhagen.

I work at a lower secondary school, called Nexø School. It is located on Bornholm, which is an island in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Aside from being a teacher of English at the school, I assist in different work groups in the English department at the Danish Ministry of Education. One of these work groups is working on creating a national network for English teachers and to contribute to the European Language Year 2001.

At school, I work on developing new ways of teaching English. One of the ways I am trying to develop is in the form of projects, where the student or a group of students work at their own pace, developing the skills they feel they need to work on. In other words, the students are responsible for learning rather than the teacher being responsible for teaching. In this way ,it is easier to give individual attention to those who need extra time and those who can work on their own can develop more independently. The class can work on the same subject matter, but they can differentiate the material to fit their own needs.

I am also working on developing new ways of making oral examinations, and this is done in basically the same way as mentioned above, in the form of project assignment, where the students are given one day to describe or demonstrate a given subject or assignment that refers to some of their curriculum from the year. In their presentation, they must show something that can be seen and heard. This is usually in the form of videos, radio programs, puppet theaters, etc. Along with this they are given a text and tape that coincide with their assignment that they also must tell about and try to draw parrallels from this to their given assignment and come with examples from the English speaking society around them.

I am also writing an assignment book on Native Americans, that I hope to be finished with in July.


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Isabel Fernandes

I was born in the North of Portugal by the river Douro, not very far from Oporto. I grew up in Luanda, Angola, but I studied and got my Degree in English and Portuguese at the University of Lisbon.

I am a teacher of Portuguese and English at Escola Básica 2,3 André de Resende, in Évora, a world heritage town  in the South of Portugal.

For the last twelve years I have worked at the University of Évora, Núcleo Minerva, Nónio Competence Center, promoting and supporting innovation in Education, working particularly with students and teachers. Besides, I have been trying to foster the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for educational purpose with teachers trainees. I have also helped to develop projects in schools covering the production of materials in English and Portuguese. I myself have been involved  in producing and  publishing materials on Web to be used in classes. Furthermore, I have supported and cooperated with teachers to integrate ICT in the curriculum.

Being a member of a team that have researched the impact of ICT and the necessary changes of the school in the new era, I am very much interested in pursuing this aim.

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Andrew Moore. Andrew Moore

I am a teacher of English language and literature, currently working in the East Riding of Yorkshire. (That's in the UK, mid-way up the map and on the east side.) I learned about English at Corpus Christi College, a college of Oxford University, where my tutor was Dr. (now Professor) Valentine Cunningham. I learned about teaching at Leicester University School of Education, then relearned much of it (several times) in real classrooms. More recently I learned about the uses of computing in education at the School of Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside. In April of 2001 I helped found the Association of Teacher Websites.

Other sites

You may like to look at these other sites which I am developing.
Andrew Moore's teaching resource site: this site contains extensive teaching resources for English language and literature.

Anne Frank and the Holocaust: this site contains teaching resources, on the theme of Anne Frank and the Holocaust, for English, history, media, religious education and citizenship, at Key Stages 2, 3 and 4.

Cecil Slack and the Great War: this site contains a large archive of letters and diaries, written by an infantry officer and his fiancée in the Great War. There are also teaching materials for English and history at Key Stages 2 and 3 of the National Curriculum.


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My name is Francisca Soares and I am from Portugal.

I am a teacher of Portuguese and English at Escola Básica 2, 3 da Cruz de Pau, a small town in the south bank of Lisboa. I have been using and experimenting Information and Communication Technologies with my students for some years.

For the last two school years I worked for the Institute for Educational Innovation - -, in Lisbon, an instiution which promotes and supports (financially, logistically and scientifically) innovation in education, particularly in schools. The goal of this innovation is better education for all.

I have been involved with my students in many European projects and I am also the Co-ordinator in Portugal for the European Schools Project - -. The European Schools Project is the aegis for many collaborative projects between schools and school support institutions, like teacher education institutes. ESP is aiming at building a support system for schools, enabling them to explore the various possibilities Internet offers for improving the processes of learning and teaching.

I am a mother of two lovely daughters: Marta, aged 9 and Bárbara, aged 15.

During my scarce spare time I like reading, collecting things, going for a walk to the beach (especially during Winter) and gardening.

Contact me by e-mail:

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