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The Orangutan

story of the orangutan, we share a common ancestor, of our genes (98%) and we are closely , is a story of and suspence, with us as the culprits and the orangutan as the . In this battle for , but also for gain, we have used all possible tactics and : we have brutally killed, poached and hunted for hands (the word "hand" is much more than "paw"), heads and meat, and now we are the very heart of the orangutan - its home, the ! The timber industry, logging and agriculture have caused damage to the orangutan´s habitats on Borneo and Sumatra.
This has been a psychological war, too! By the orangutan to paws and meat, we have tried to deprive this proud representative of the mammals and the great apes its dignity in a lame attempt to our .We have every reason to feel uneasy: the orangutan, who due to its flexibility, adaptability and resoursefulness can be as a "barometer species" for the overall condition of the rainforests, is not doing very well.
So far the orangutan has survived , but as vulnerable. There is also every indication it will soon be reclassified as , due to the dramatic decline its populations.
The caption of a once popular poster, with an ape scratching its head, comes to mind: "The moment I learned all the answers they changed the questions!" Now the roles are - the apes are the questions and we had better to give the right answers.