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Join us on a tour to the Garden of Verse! To make your journey even more enjoyable help our landscape archtect design it to your own liking! All you have to do is take a Book of Verse and follow the Chariot of Cloud! Every now and and then allow yourself to get lost and discover the side paths, which will not only open up poetic vistas you have never experienced before, but will help you find the nuts hidden by the squirrels. Try to find as many as possible for the picnic at the end of your poetic outing!


”Away, away from men and towns,

To the wild woods and the downs,

 To the silent wilderness

 Where the soul need not repress

 Its music, lest it should not find

 An echo in another´s mind,

 While the touch of Nature´s art

 Harmonizes heart to heart…”

                                                                   P. B. Shelley