Whether we realize or not, we all share a passion for wildlife. All we have to do is use this passion as a driving force in our effort to preserve the Earth for the future generations.

Inspired by Gerald Durrell`s unique example (links), we have created a virtual ZOO (in which endangered or threatened animals are bred for eventual return to their natural habitats), an ANIMAL FARM and a RECREATION AREA.

Each of these areas offers a COURTESY TOUR and a virtual JOB INTERVIEW for filling in eventual vacancies in any of the above-mentioned areas. Each TOUR offers a crash course in environmental literacy and is aimed at teachers, advanced learners of English and at anyone who wants to achieve proficiency in the English language.

Join us and you will:

  • get useful tips about threatened and endangered species and environmentally friendly behavioural patterns
  • get the unique opportunity to brush up your English and improve your vocabulary on environmental issues
  • improve your reading comprehension skills through a series of exercises
  • improve your writing skills
  • improve your general knowledge of grammar through various exercises (verbal forms, word order, the articles, prepositions etc.)
  • learn more about English and American culture in general and English and American literature in particular!
Welcome to the Zoo!

Nature Reserve.