Word Bank


environmental disaster = a sudden misfortune or terrible accident (e.g. a flood, an earthquake)
environmentally-friendly = beneficial to the environment
investment-friendly environments
environmentalist = a person working in favour of the environment and its preservation
protection of the environment = keeping safe from destruction, pollution etc.
pollute = make dirty; destroy the purity of (nature)
pollution of the environment
green-house effect
global warming
sustained growth = development which takes into consideration the future of the planet
sustained development
long-term goals and strategies

Animal species = a group of animals sharing some common characteristics
natural habitat = natural place of growth
rare species = animal groups which due to their reducing number are not commonly met
specimen = one of a class that can be used to represent it
endangered animal species
protection of the endangered species
extinct animal species = no longer in existence; having died out
extinction = the process or result of dying out
cruelty to animals
poaching = illegal hunting
animal abuse = cruelty to animals

Animal Farming

raise / Rear animal stock = cause or help to grow
livestock = animals kept for use or profit
animal breeds = kind or variety of animals sharing common qualities
fox / mink farming
factory farm

food habits
ruminate = to chew again the food that comes back from the first stomach of cows, deer etc.
chew the cud = ruminate
ruminant = an animal (e.g. cows, deer) which chews the cud
reproduction = the process or result of bringing about a natural increase
hoof = the horny part of the foot of a horse
cloven hoof = a hoof divided into two
sewage sludge = thick, dirty oil or grease
slaughter = killing of animals for food
slaughter-house = the place where the animals are butchered
humane slaughter = causing as little pain to the butchered animal as possible

Animal testing
transplantation = the act or process of implanting foreign organs
tissue = mass of cells and cell-products
transplantation of animal organs and tissues to humans
donor = the person / animal whose organs, blood, tissues are transplanted into another
gene manipulation
genetically modified food / plants
genetically engineered animals
mutant plants / animals

ban = officially proclame that something snould not be done
ban the use of cloning

hormone-treated beef
feed= food for animals
high energy feeds
animal breeds
FMD (Foot and Mouth disease)

Recreation Area 

Garden of Verse
landscape =scenery
chariot = a car with two wheels, used in ancient times in fighting and racing
vista = long serie
verse = poetry, metrical composition as dist. from prose s of of scenes and events, which one can look back on
outing = an excursion, a pleasure-trip
wilderness = wild uncultivated waste land
bough = a branch of a tree
bugle = a hunting horn
vale = valley
roe = a small European and Asiatic deer

repress = keep or put down, prevent from finding an outlet
stare = look fixedly

wander = roam, go from place to place without any special purpose or destination
float = move with moving liquid or gas
weep = cry (with tears)
haste = hurry
attain = succeed in doing or getting
chase = run after in order to capture

rugged = rocky, uneven, rough
tiresome = troublesome, tedious

Animal Journal
torrent = violent rushing stream, flood
famine = hunger
concern = worry
successor person or thing that succeeds another
premature = done before the right or usual time

Books on Animals
devastating = causing desolation and ruin
hilarious = noisily merry
incredible = unbelievable
fascinating = charming, amusing, attractive
stunning = confusing or splendid and ravishing


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